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Coloring Tips that you can try

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For those of you who are interested in the art world, especially the art of drawing and coloring. You can try coloring the sketch, you know. What is a sketch? A sketch is a plain image that has not been colored.

There are various tips & tricks for coloring sketches that you can try. These tips and tricks are certainly very useful for producing unique and beautiful color combinations. Curious? Well, see the following Sketch Coloring Tips:

1. Pay attention to the color gradient

The first tip is to pay attention to color gradations. What is color gradation? Color gradation is the degree of suitability of the color and the suitability of its composition when juxtaposed with other colors.

Paying attention to this color gradation is one of the most important things to produce a symmetrical and balanced sketch coloring. If you are still confused about the level of color gradation. You can browse further on the internet to look for columns of color gradation levels, you know.

2. The color of the object must be more striking than the background

Well, the next Sketch Coloring Tips is that the color of the object must be made more striking than the background. For example, there is a sketch of a person hoeing in the fields. The main object of course is the person who is hoeing. Meanwhile, the setting itself is the rice fields / environment around the person.

Then, how to make the coloring of the object more striking? You can use a softer color for the background area. For example, for rice fields use light brown instead of dark brown. Then, for rice plants, just use a light green color. For the sky, it’s better to use light blue instead of dark blue. Now, by coloring the background area which is softer, the main object of the sketch must automatically use a more striking color so that the focus of the sketch can be more highlighted.

3. Use the appropriate colored pencils

The next Sketch Coloring Tips is to use the appropriate colored pencils. You need to know that different brands and types of colored pencils will produce different colors. There are soft colored pencils and some are hard. So, it’s a good idea to choose the color pencil that is most suitable for each type of image coloring.

4. Use the Mixing technique

Did you know that mixing 2 different colors will produce a new color combination. Well, this technique of combining 2 colors is called a mixing technique. You can use this technique to further enhance your sketch coloring results.

5. Sharpen the outline with the appropriate color

Tips for Coloring the next Sketch is to sharpen the outline according to the color of the object. Why should the outline of an object in a sketch be sharpened? This aims to cover the black lines that make up an object in the sketch. For example, mountains. You can add the outline of the mountain with a more striking blue color and then start coloring the inside with a softer or lighter blue.


Well, those are some Sketch Coloring Tips that I can share. Hopefully your coloring results will be even more beautiful later with the tips above. Well, the author also has a sketch image recommendation that you can try as below: