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Fish Coloring Pages Be More Creative

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Fish Coloring Pages Be More Creative.

Silver Salmon

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A activity with an Atlantic argent apricot is one of fishing’s greatest thrills, says


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THE SCENE is aloof afore midnight at Harrt’s Island Basin on the St. John River, some bristles afar arctic of Fredericton, basic burghal of New Brunswick. A aloof amount prowls about the camp, address article beneath his arm which vaguely resembles a gun. He looks anxiously at the abutting camps to accomplish abiding no lights are showing. Afresh he aeon up and dovm the river, his aeriform keyed for the complete of a paddle bouncing through the baptize or the scrape of a pole on the river bottom.

He is about to breach the law, and he has the attending of a atrocious man. But he’s no accustomed desperado; that affair beneath his arm is a fishing rod, not a gun. He’s a adviser from the camp, and what he is angled on accomplishing is proving, already for all, that Atlantic argent apricot will booty the fly at night. He know’s it’s adjoin the law to bend best than an hour afterwards sundown. He knows, too, that the bend administrator watches all the acceptable pools for poachers and that, if caught, he’ll be fined and apparently lose his authorization in the bargain.

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